Masala Mixed Vegetable Curry

Recipe serves: 6-7 | Preparation Time: 10 Minutes | Cooking Time: 20 Minutes


150g Potato cut into squares

150g Carrot cut into squares

100g Chopped Leek

50g Green Peas

2 nos Onion cut into big pieces

2 cloves Garlic

2 nos Thinly sliced Green Chili

1 ½ teaspoons Raw Curry Powder

1 teaspoon Coriander

½ teaspoon Turmeric

1 teaspoon Chili Powder

1 sachet Knorr Maldive Fish Powder Mix

200ml Thick Coconut Milk

Pandan Leaves

Curry Leaves

Salt to taste

20g Butter

masala mixed vegetable


1. Melt butter in a pan, then add green chili, garlic, pandan and curry leaves.

2. Add potato and carrot and temper. While tempering, add all spices. Add coconut milk and boil.

3. While boiling, add green peas, leek and onion, reducing flame. Serve hot.

Chef's Tip

To retain the color and flavour steam the vegetables and then make the gravy quickly.